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Remote Login Facility

Remote Login Facility


Library provides a remote login facility to the users of Nirma University. All final and undergraduate students (From 2nd year onwards), postgraduate students, doctoral students and faculty use this facility for accessing online and digital resources at their home as per the following conditions:

  • Users can access online journals and e-databases as per Nirma University e-resource access policy and remote access policy.
  • The information retrieved from these online journals and e-databases through remote/campus access facility will be used only for their educational and research purpose and not for any commercial gains.
  • If a user is found violating the above-mentioned conditions, he/she will be liable for strict disciplinary action as decided by the management of Nirma University.
  • The user will have to provide the MAC address of their Laptop/Desktop.
  • The data browsing/download limit is 100 MB per day per user.

Steps for Using the Facility

  1. Users are required to fill up the application form for accessing e-resource remotely (forms are available at staff room, Library) OR one can download the form and forward it through the Head of the Department to the Librarian.
  2. Users have to provide the details of MAC address of their Laptop/Desktop and e-mail ID (provided by Nirma University) in the application form. (MAC User Guide)
  3. After submitting the form, the user gets the confirmation mail with the attached document on how to use this service.
  4. As per the document’s instruction, the user can easily access this facility.
  5. If the users face any problem in accessing this facility, they should contact the library staff in person OR mail at
  6. Download the Remote-Login User Guide.